🐋 Advice overload is a thing

+ How to make cash and save the planet without leaving your college campus

Hey—can we make some assumptions about you?

  1. You’re always wanting to improve your skills and grow as a person.

  2. You come across compelling bits of advice and quotes on your feeds every day.

  3. You save and bookmark them for later—but it doesn’t lead to real change.

Welcome to the club. ✌️

We follow self-improvement content because we want to be transformed.

But when overloaded with advice—we lose the focus necessary to be impacted by it.

So this week, we’re breaking down Julian Shapiro’s framework for acting on advice ⬇️

1. The framework

Advice such as:

  • The direction you point your arrow in matters more than the number of arrows you shoot

  • Half doing something is an expensive way of not doing it

  • You can be twice as rich by deciding you need half as much

require focus and practice to truly change you.

But we have limited time and—(let’s be honest) super limited focus.

So we must put a system in place to filter and implement the streams of advice we are exposed to online daily.

Introducing the 6 Starting Principles framework:

  1. Commit to 6 pieces of advice

  2. If you come across advice that isn’t worthy of a top 6 place—keep moving

  3. Memorize your 6

  4. Recite and implement them daily when making decisions

2. How to pick your 6

A starting principle is advice that is broadly applicable, value-based, and resonates both emotionally and intellectually.

  • They become your reflexive response to difficult situations

  • They are a tool to mold yourself into the person you want to become

So the big question is: Who do you want to be?

Keep an eye out for principles online, in books, in your faith tradition, etc that deeply resonate and inspire you.

When you come across a gem—recite it until it is burned into your memory.

Allow your 6 principles to grow with you 👉 don’t hesitate to swap a principle out for a new one as you change directions and come across new chunks of wisdom.

(Psst—we went ahead and found some inspiration for you below)

3. How to use them

Advice isn’t just entertainment. It has a specific purpose—to change you.

Let it happen by habitually sifting through your 6 principles when facing daily decisions or complex situations.

You’ve memorized—now it’s time to practice.

Using them in real and varied situations will lead to deep insights and high-level gains.

Bonus benefits:

  • Reduce decision fatigue

  • Make moves faster + with boldness

  • Make better decisions and lead with purpose

  • Cultivate a love for wisdom

Make cash, find deals, and save the planet.

…without even leaving campus.

Zaar.us is a new website for college students to buy and sell secondhand items exclusively with students of their campus.

This is seriously game-changing—imagine listing and buying items on Poshmark and Craigslist but everything is within walking distance and with people your age who you know you can trust.

There’s so much potential here—imagine textbook selling and trading 👀

They’re growing fast so—If you’re sick of your Goodwill pile sitting in your trunk, dealing with sketchy people online, or paying full price for your dorm furniture, textbooks, and clothes 👇

Become a campus ambassador

Request Zaar come to your school

Your resource list 🏄

Go deeper: Starting Principles, Julian Shapiro

Inspiration for your six: Inspiring Quotes, Pinterest (warning—there are some seriously cheesy ones in there, but dig around and you’ll find something great)

Additional reading: Why Good Advice is a Waste of Your Time

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Written by Jacqueline Mastrelli

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