🐋 Crush your online internship. Secure that return offer.

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The setting of your internship has changed but we know your goals haven’t.

There are tips out there to simply adapt to the challenges of being remote…

But at Tech Pod—we want to give you tips to thrive in the remote setting. 🏄‍♂️

Because __% of interns report worrying about their online performance (answer ⬇️ )

So here’s 3 actionable steps we compiled from talking to tech interns who successfully secured their bag…erm return offer.

Let’s get it 💥

1. The 2-Hour Rule

The #1 skill a remote intern can master is focus management. 💡

Because if you’re not intentional with your time…

Meetings, coffee chats, and busy work can burn through your mental resources 😰

So create time solely dedicated to cognitively demanding tasks (like your project)

  1. Determine what time is the earliest you’ll be called into a meeting

  2. Block 2 hours before that time daily to hyper-focus on priority work

You’ll be able to be fully present in the day’s activities knowing that you’re making steady progress on your project and know you’ll finish on time.

2. Brighten people’s day

Defeat your team’s Zoom fatigue & leave a positive impression ⚡️

The impact you make on the people in the organization will be a huge determining factor on whether you receive a return offer.

So liven up meetings by discovering shared hobbies you have with teammates and chatting about them around work talk. 💬

You’ll brighten their day, network, and have fun yourself in the process.

3. Network with strategy

Set a networking goal & use proven strategies to accomplish it 💁‍♂️

Determine the amount of time you have to set aside for coffee chats and the number of people you would like to meet.

You have the power to email anyone in the organization and full-timers are more willing than ever to connect with interns.

With a solid email subject line, you can land meetings with some amazing people!

Use the keywords “quick” + “intern” to yield the highest response rates 📬

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⭐️Trivia Answer:

In a 2020 survey of 900 students, 12% worried they wouldn’t be able to prove they deserve a full-time position virtually.

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Sales Intern, Grüvi

Sales Intern, Oracle

Operations and Sales, EXO


Internal Communications, Rivian

Public Relations, Poshmark

Editorial Intern, TouchPal


Written by Jacqueline Mastrelli

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