🐋 Ever heard of an internship journal?

And your chance to work with mentors from Netflix, Uber, Doordash, Linkedin, and more!

Here’s the thing about internships: they fly by.

You spend all semester waiting for summer and then… poof! 💨

They end before you even had time to process what happened. 😰

But you’ll want to remember all the details for interviews, networking, and reflecting.

So with internship season starting up, here is a tool EVERY intern should know about.

What is an internship journal?

a diary + a work log = an internship journal.

It’s a place where you will record and reflect on what you’re learning. 🧐

Examples of entries: Tasks you accomplished, tools you used, people you talked to, mistakes and wins, questions, project details, and how you felt through it all.

Why should you have one?

It will provide you with personal insights.

You will do things in your internship that inspire and light a spark inside you

& You’ll discover that there are some things you never want to do again. 😹

Record these tasks and your personal experience doing them. You’ll begin your next internship/job search much more self-aware and confident about what you want to do.

It will supply you with resume material .

To leverage your internship experience in the future, you’ll need to be able to relay exactly what you did to an interviewer.

So record the details of your projects: the tools you used, success metrics, and the impact it made on the overall company. 📝

Don’t assume you’ll remember them! Make your life easy & record them upfront. 🙂

We've also curated some internship journal templates for you below! ⬇️

But before templates, let’s talk self-improvement summer…

How many times have you told yourself that you wanted to learn SQL? Python? Data visualization?

…and it never ends up happening 😅

It’s alright—we’re right there with you on that one.

And that’s why we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Join the first program dedicated to building business careers in the tech industry.

Skillful is a 6-week part-time cohort-based program focused on teaching you everything you need to know to land - and thrive in - a Strategy & Operations role in tech!

Their cohorts are taught and led by Strategy, Business Operations, and Product professionals who work at companies like Netflix, Uber, Doordash, Linkedin, Instacart, Shopify, and more!

If any of these goals are on your 2021 bucket list:

  • Master technical skills like SQL, Excel, and data visualization

  • Learn product strategy, go-to-market approaches, managing KPIs

  • Find business mentors from top tech companies to help you land your dream role

Then you’re in luck!

Skillful’s next cohort will run in August and they’ve JUST opened the waitlist! 🕺

Places are super limited—once accepted, its first-come, first-serve 😎

p.s. tech pod folks are the 1st to know about their next cohort, so let them know we sent you on the waitlist form!

Be First on Skillful's Waitlist

The curated template list: ✨

PDF: A framework with fill-ins that will get you started

PDF: Internship journal example

Web: Journal questions for the beginning, middle, and end of your internship

Our internship picks—fresh out of the oven 😌


Product Manager, Adobe

Product Manager Shopper Experience, Poshmark

Product Operations, Podium


Email Marketing Fellowship, Ziff Media Group

Marketing Intern, LoopChat

Influencer Marketing, Captiv8


Sales Support, Tallo

Sales & Operations, CED Greentech

Sales, iHeartMedia


Employee Communications, Lytx, Inc.

Communications, iHeartMedia

Internal Communications, Facebook

aaand that’s all for this week!

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