🐋 How to get legit mentorship in college

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We know you’ve heard it a million times—but you’re about to hear it a million and one times:

You should build a network and seek mentorship.


Because you’ll get the 3 ingredients to identifying and achieving your career goals.

  • Constructive advice and feedback

  • Encouragement and accountability

  • Access to your mentor’s network

So listen up whales: this week we’re breaking down a step-by-step process to building the ultimate mentorship network as a college student.

1. Getting their attention

First things first—you need to meet cool people.

Cold emails and DM’s are the most common way to initiate getting to know someone.

But, convincing busy, successful people to chat 1-1 can be difficult.

But guess what? There are alternatives that can even yield greater results. 👇

  • Create a podcast and ask them to be a guest on your show. The prospect of being featured on a podcast is exciting and flattering—making it much more likely to land a chat with someone you admire.

  • Attract people by creating and sharing online content. Everything you post can be seen by some of the most interesting people all over the world. You never know who is reading—or who might reach out.

2. Maximizing the value of the conversation

So they agreed to chat with you…now what?

One of the greatest benefits of mentorship is getting personalized feedback and advice.

But often, feedback falls flat because:

  1. It’s vague general praise or criticism

  2. It’s not actionable advice for your future self

So, what should you do?

Be specific: Instead of vaguely asking “what could I have done better?” Frame your question with your end goal. 👉 “what could I have done to make my ___ more impactful/profitable/organized?”

Probe deeper: When you receive vague feedback, ask more questions. Follow a “You did great!” with “Thank you! What was something stood out to you?”.

Keep digging until you reach something specific and actionable.

3. Strengthening the relationship

Talking once with someone isn’t going to provide the long-term results you need.

Impactful mentor-mentee relationships come from repetition and consistency.

This is how 👇

Check-in with them every 2 months: thank them and tell them all about the results of their advice.

Create a spreadsheet to track these meetings: We got a Google Sheets template for you to use and customize below!

Contrary to public opinion: you don't need to maintain repetition and consistency with everyone you speak to. Focus your energy establishing deep relationships with a few mentors that are the most compatible with your personality and career goals.

4. Become part of a mentorship cohort

Our buddies over at Canvas are launching a mentorship accelerator program.

They’ve assembled a panel of career coaches and leaders with experience at top tech companies like Google, Snapchat, and Microsoft that are ready to personally mentor a group of 21 ambitious people—like you!

In the world of mentorship, this is basically using a cheat code to beat the game. 🕹️

They did the work for you because they know it is difficult to get mentorship.

It’s their gift to you—completely free! 🎁

Take advantage of the opportunity

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Written by Jacqueline Mastrelli

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