🐋 Is your Linkedin profile pic a tech culture fit?

And your chance to learn trade secrets from people who networked their way into top careers

Just like you, the tech industry is young and reinventing the ways things are done. 💡

It’s set itself apart from older industries through its values of authenticity, humility, enthusiasm, and spunk.

But, you have likely been given outdated advice about one of the most critical parts of your professional image: your Linkedin profile picture. 😨

With culture fit becoming one of the most decisive elements of the hiring process, we have created 3 LinkedIn profile picture tips that will get you up to date.

1. Use the power of color

Grey boring professional headshots are over and color and flair are in.

There are 3 ways you can incorporate color: clothing, background, or border ring.

Done well, your color of choice will stand out your profile, demonstrate your unique personality, and most interestingly, work as an effective tool to evoke specific emotions.

For example, according to color psychology: 🎨

Use blue to demonstrate you are trustworthy, calm under pressure, and reliable.

Use green to demonstrate you are teachable, optimistic, and compassionate.

Use orange to demonstrate you are creative, enthusiastic, and a great team player.

Use yellow to demonstrate you are active, analytical, and good-humored.

+ Want to know how to edit in a color background or ring border? We linked resources to show you how to do it below! ⬇️

2. You can be casual

Tech industry culture is casual and highly values authenticity. ⭐️

So, ditch the top you stole from your parent’s closet and wear something that you’re comfortable in and that represents who you are.

For example:

Done with intention and good taste, a hoodie could end up making a stronger impression than a suit if it is in line with your personal brand and role. 🤔

Just be sure to use discretion—make sure you are still coming across as competent, responsible, and orderly.

3. Smile like you’re talking to a friend

Tech recruiters look for people who are friendly, work well in a team, and are not arrogant in their interactions with others. 😇

So, express your people skills and humility with a warm smile that welcomes people in.

Switch out the smug sneers and placid glamour shots with a big ol’ smile!

+ A welcoming smile does wonders for your networking game 😁

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Resources to edit in color—just for you!

How to add a color ring using Canva

How to edit in a color background using Canva

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And that’s it for this week! From everyone at Tech Pod—thanks for reading! 🤸‍♂️

Written by Jacqueline Mastrelli

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