🐋 It's not too late to crush your summer goals

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Summer break is officially halfway over. 😦

Meaning the window to accomplish our summer goals is beginning to close.

So in this special edition of the newsletter, we’ll explain 3 steps to creating an endgame strategy that will push you to finish the final half strong.

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1: Congratulate yourself on what you’ve accomplished

It’s easy to gloss over what we did get done and instead feel guilty about what we didn’t.

  • What goals have you stayed on track to accomplish?

  • What have you done that you’re proud of?

  • Did you do something that scared you?

  • How have you grown as a person?

We’ve all had times when we’ve felt defeated.

Recording your wins will create a place for you to look back and remind yourself that you have been moving towards your goals. 🌱

2: Consider why you haven’t been on track for some goals

Approach your mistakes with kindness.

Instead of being frustrated with yourself, take time for some introspection and consider why you wen’t able to fulfill your goal.

Did you find one of your causes to just be laziness?

Go deeper—Fear often manifests as procrastination. An underlying fear such as failure, embarrassment could be hindering you from accomplishing new things. Uncovering and addressing the underlying fear will kill it at the root.

3: Remember your why

It’s common for people to abandon their goals over time—but push yourself to keep going by reminding yourself why you created these goals to begin with.

The deeper the meaning is behind a goal, the more likely you are to accomplish it.

There is a super transformative exercise called 7 Levels Deep that digs into our deepest motivations. Use it to fuel your fire and crush your goals this year. 🔥

Here’s a video that explains it.

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Written by Jacqueline Mastrelli

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