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Big opportunity: The OG student-run venture fund is recruiting student Investment Partners! Applications close very soon!

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To all of our students out there doing school and recruiting for internships—we feel you. Fall can be nuts.

So we’ve done a bunch of the work for you—keep scrolling for opportunities we’ve sourced and curated just for you.

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+ we’re sharing some little tips to spice up your Linkedin 🔥

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Low-key Linkedin tips you might’ve missed

1. Clean up and customize your profile URL

Go from: linkedin.com/in/joe-shmlo84398486659 😐

To: linkedin.com/in/jschlmo 😎

How to do it

2. Use copy & paste text symbols 

Use bullet points to list your skills in your experience section

Use vertical lines to space your titles in your headline 

3. Turn text bold and or italic 

Linkedin doesn’t offer the option to bold or italicize text.

But this site will generate a bold/italic text. Then just copy and paste into Linkedin.

The OG student VC fund is searching for new partners! 🎉

Dorm Room Fund, the original student-run venture fund started by First Round Capital, is recruiting Investment Partners!

In 10 years they’ve invested in 300+ companies led by visionary student founders. 💸

They’re a vibrant community of founders, mentors, and investors that share ideas, connections, and experiences. 🌟 (And you can join them!)

  • Become a venture capitalist by making real investing decisions alongside the best in the industry.

  • Gain experience in all functions of the job: call shots, do due diligence, and provide portfolio support.

76% of their alums have gone on to start a company or work in VC after graduation

100 of their community members have been featured in Forbes 30Under30

But here’s the thing: Applications are due ASAP 🚨

East Coast Students: Applications are due TODAY—Wednesday, September 29
West Coast Students: Applications are due in 3 DAYS—Friday, October 1

Apply Now

Application advice from current investment partners

Send questions to: recruiting@dormroomfund.com

Mmm, that’s a nice tweet.

Recruiting for Summer 2022? here’s some help ⬇️

Special Mention 🌟

Market Research Intern, MBASchooled

They’re like Tech Pod, but for MBA students.

Started by a former Salesforce Marketing Manager!

Entry Level 👩‍🎓

Product Manager, Niantic, Inc

Product Specialist, Trust and Safety, TikTok

Talent Marketing, Intuit

Brand and Product Marketing Manager, Shipt

SEO Writer, Carta

Internship 😎

Writer, Internal Brand & Employee Experience, Square

Internal Communications, Sales & Marketing, Stripe

Product Management, SiriusXM

Marketing and Product, Verizon

Product Design, Oculus


Written by Jacqueline Mastrelli

From all of us—thanks for being part of the Pod!

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