🐋 "So, tell me about yourself"

Please don't blow this one

Congratulations! You got the interview. 

Now, this is your opportunity to showcase who you are and all that you’ve done. 

And we know you’ve done so much! 

So don’t blow the first question by making these 3 mistakes.

Because __% of interviewers make their decision in the first 5 minutes.

Trivia: scroll for the answer!

Let’s get you starting this thing off right!

1. Don’t Tell Your Life Story

“Well, I was born in Seattle--inside Pike Place Market actually. Everyone always said I would amount to nothing, having been born in a fish market. But I sought out to prove them wrong!” 


Your response to this answer should be just three minutes or less. 

Fill it only with stuff that is relevant to the position.

(Although, that story would make you stand out 🤔)

2. Don’t Recite Your Resume

“After graduating high school in 2015, I acquired my first job at the bowling alley, Bowlieve it or Not, where I was a rental shoe cleaner for the next 4 years until...”

Don’t waste these 3 minutes regurgitating the details on your resume.

You’ll bore your interviewer. 🥱

How you respond shows how you’d speak in meetings, with coworkers and clients.

Show you’re a great communicator by being engaging and succinct.

3. Don’t Expect To Wing It

“Yeah, ok, so about just a little bit about myself? Alright well, I uh…am a student and I am looking for an internship! Yep…erm (wow this is not going how I expected, I’m blowing it!)” 😰

Don’t mistake this question as an easy one!

Prepare and practice for it as you would any other question.

There is an art to the personal pitch, one that you can craft and perfect! 🤌

There is a formula that has helped Tech Pod members land internships.

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Trivia Answer: 30%

of interviewers make their decision in the first 5 min. of the interview

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