🐋 Want to start a summer side project?

Break, burst and blast into tech with this plan

Ooooh, side projects. ✨

If done right—they can break you into tech with Kool-Aid-Man-through-the-wall like power. 💥

The right project can take you from saying you have a skill to tangibly showing you do through the results of your project.

In this week’s newsletter, we are going to reveal a 3-step framework to turn a side project into your dream role:

  1. How to find the perfect project for your goals

  2. How to get over the hurdles of starting

  3. How to leverage it to land a role in tech

Let’s get started.

#1 Tailoring a project just for you

Not all side projects are created equal. ✋

The more your project directly translates to your desired position the better.

Here is an excellent strategy to accomplish this:

  1. Determine what your desired position is

  2. Read a bunch of job listings for it across companies

  3. Take note of the top 3-5 skills that were listed the most

  4. Strategize how to create an opportunity for yourself to obtain them ⬇️


Desired position: Product Manager

Needed skills: Leadership, task management, project scheduling

Side project ideas: Start a project in Figma, create a pitch deck for a product

Desired position: Copywriter

Needed skills: SEO, user experience, marketing awareness

Side project ideas: Starting a blog, newsletter, managing a social media account

#2 Perfectionism isn’t the way—it’s in the way

You’ve got your project idea. Now it’s time to get started. 🚀

Starting something new is already scary. But add on perfectionism and sky-high expectations—fear of not measuring up can fuel your procrastination.

It’s great to want to be excellent in what you do—but realize that striving for perfection is chasing after an illusion. Perfect doesn’t exist. And especially when you’re learning something new!

How to kill perfectionism: The 70% Rule

Don’t aim for 100% 👉 aim for 70%

If one day you asked yourself:

Could I get up and create a podcast to rival The Joe Rogan Experience and The Daily?

The answer would likely be NO. And no action would be made.

But if you ask yourself instead:

Could I get up and create a slightly above-average podcast episode?

The answer will almost always be YES. ✅ And you would have run out of excuses.

#3 How to leverage your project

Document the process of your project from beginning to finish so you can relay all the important details to a recruiter or hiring manager. 📝

  • Provide credibility indicators: metrics, achievements, user counts, ratings, publication features, etc.

  • Post your process of making it on Medium or Linkedin: what you learned, what went well, the challenges you faced, etc.

So get out there and get started! And guess what?! We’ve already curated a list to help you do just that. 😉

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Internships. You want ‘em, we got ‘em 😎


Product Intern, Match

Product Marketing Analyst, TikTok

Product Development, SharkNinja


TikTok Content Creator, Every Man Jack

Marketing Analytics Manager, Lytx, Inc.

Marketing Intern, SoftwareONE


Inside Sales, Lytx, Inc.

Customer Success Intern, HERO

Business Development Analyst Partnerships, Wish


Internal Communications Manager, Facebook

Internal Communications, Houzz

Internal Content Editorial, Stripe


Written by Jacqueline Mastrelli

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