🐋 Wait, what are the benefits of posting content on Linkedin exactly?

And we have a secret...and you're the first to know

But before we get to our BIG SECRET—let’s talk about posting on Linkedin 🕺

Why do Tech Pod members post original content on Linkedin?

What are they gaining from it exactly?

These are the questions I had when I first got on Linkedin. 🤔

Well, turns out they do for several reasons—and they’re really good ones.

Let’s get you in on 3 of their reasons why! ⭐️

1. Recruiters Are Looking For Soft Skills

Creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and emotional intelligence

These are reported as the top 5 soft skills businesses are looking for. 🧐

The problem is: they’re difficult to measure.

But posting regularly on Linkedin provides recruiters with clear and genuine demonstrations of these skills.

The best examples of this are posts that are value-driven, eye-catching, and lead to engaging conversations in the comments. These showcase those top soft skills. 👏

2. They Want To Meet Awesome People

Linkedin is all about making friends—or networking as some call it.

Begin building real relationships with your connections by providing value to them first through the ideas and experiences you share in your posts. ✍️

+ Posts like these create opportunities to start authentic conversations in the comments!

Which will lead to life-changing friendships, connections, and opportunities. 💥

3. Personal Branding

Your personal brand is what you are known for and how people experience you—it’s about bringing who you are to what you do. ✨

When you build your personal brand online, you’re not only marketing your skills, achievements, and strengths but also your personality, values, and passions.

Posting regularly provides potential employers and connections to have an authentic understanding of who you are as a whole human.

Because you know—you’re not a robot. 💙

Want to learn more about personal branding?

We’ve included some seriously amazing links below ⬇️

But first,

Tech Pod has some seriously exciting news!

Alright alright…here’s the secret.

Our team has been working on creating a community for YOU!

This will be a hub that brings us all together—we’re talking REAL community with exclusive events, 1:1’s with our team members, and fun competitions and rewards.

We are SO excited to connect and grow with you all in this more interactive space!

But, psssst—we are only telling the newsletter readers so keep it on the down-low, okay?

This is where YOU come in:

We’re inviting some of you guys to be alpha testers and first landers in the community.

Get first access, make an impact, and become an honorary whale!

We're only letting in a couple of dozen members to start, so fill out the interest form ASAP! ⬇️

(Deadline to fill out the form is Sunday, May 23 at 4 pm PST)

Secret Project Interest Form

Personal Branding Links: ✌️

  1. An interactive pdf workbook that guides you through discovering your PB

  2. Personal branding online workshop with Microsoft recruiter, Emily Chan

And of course, as always… our top job picks of the week.


Digital Product Design Intern @ Volvo Cars

Interaction Design Intern @ frog

UX/UI Designer @ Citadel Defense - Citadel Defense is a Series A startup backed by Lightspeed that provides user-centric solutions that use AI to make security smarter.

They are looking for an entry-level UX/UI designer to help develop their innovative products. They partnered with us to tell you about this special job opportunity because they want Tech Pod readers like you! 🐋


Product Manager @ Adobe

Product Manager Internal Tools @ Hulu

Cloud Product Intern @ Tencent America


Marketing Operations @ Udemy

Marketing Intern @ Roblox

Influencer Marketing @ 32 Degrees


Sales Support Intern @ Questis

Tech Sales Trainee @ LaunchSource

Sales Support Intern @ Tallo

And if this newsletter wasn’t jam-packed enough with surprises…we have our FIRST event of the summer today!

​❓ What kind of skills are transferable between entrepreneurs and product managers?

What career opportunities exist after product management?

​❓ When do you know when it’s time to leave your full-time role to pursue other interests?

These are all questions Helen Huang and Sefunmi Osinaike, co-founders of co.lab will be answering at tonight’s event beginning 5PM PST / 8PM EST!

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