20+ Tech Companies Still Hiring Summer Interns

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We’re in the FINAL stretch of school until it’s SUMMER.

If you still don’t have your plans locked in, we’ve got you with over 20 tech companies still hiring business interns. (Two sections down)

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Toast is hiring interns in marketing, operations, HR, UX design, and education.

Robinhood is hiring a Marketing Intern and an Operations Intern.

Sephora is hiring interns in marketing and sustainability.

Zendesk is hiring interns in product management and enterprise insights.

Salesforce is hiring a Product Design Intern, an Operations Intern, and a Learning Experience Design Intern.

TikTok is hiring three interns in Content Partnerships (Creators, Community, Media).

Zynga is hiring a Social Media Intern, a Data Analyst Intern, and a L&D Intern.

2K is hiring a Design Intern, a Product Marketing Intern, and an Operations Intern.

Bubble is hiring a Content Marketing Intern.

Palo Alto Networks is hiring a Market Research Analyst Intern.

Amazon is hiring Associate Account Management Interns.

Intuit is hiring a Design Research Intern.

Hasbro is hiring a Social Communications Intern.

LinkedIn is hiring a Business Operations Intern.

The CW is hiring a Public Relations Intern.

Suzy is hiring a People Team Intern.

Snapchat is hiring a Media Partnerships Intern.

AAAAND BONUS FOR NEW GRADS: Pinterest just launched its’ Apprentice Product Management Program and Apprentice Product Designer Program.


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