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Heyo, we’re a community of 12K+ non-tech trying to break into tech. Thanks for joining us today 🌊🌊🌊 (get it? we’re waving.)

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Okay, so how big is the tea?

*You know it’s serious when the pinkie is up.*

P.S. you can either read more about it below, or just click this button to get to the point. We think it can be a life-changing investment.

Stanford for the internet

You know how you love something so much…

You want it to be your personal secret? Gosh darn it, we’re spilling it today cuz it's too good 😤

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Hint: it’s also the tea we’re spilling.

The world of tech is happening live on Tech Twitter. Your next opportunity is a follow away.

News circulates on Twitter fast. So if you want to be in the know with all tech things? Better get yourself into a tech community on Twitter or On Deck asap 😵

If you want to ingrain yourself in the tech space and get opportunities:

  1. Make tech friends (you’ll learn just from conversations alone)

  2. Hang out where industry leaders and tech mentors do

  3. Be involved in the community

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

First Step: Follow Tech Peeps on Twitter.

‘Cuz you'll get these in your feed:

  1. Tech talk (brilliant discussions like funding, startup news, acquisitions, etc.)

  2. Tech hiring (Twitter is especially a hot space for startups to scout for people.)

  3. Expansive tech network (it’s a literal tech hub - like Silicon Valley in the cloud)

Some Twitter follows to get you started:

  • On Deck network: David Booth, Erik Torenberg, Shriya Nevatia

  • Venture Capital: Gaby Goldberg, Keith Rabois, Jeff Morris Jr., Tuner Novak

  • Product Management: Lenny Rachitsky, Kevin Yien, Shreyas Doshi

  • Startup: Sahil Lavingia, Hiten Shah

  • Marketing: Matthew Kobach, Julian Shapiro

What’s the current Tech Twitter buzz?

On Deck. There are a lot of hype around the startup right now—and for good reason (they recently raised $20 million in Series A).

What’s, um, On Deck?

On Deck is like a community, but also like an accelerator, but also acts like a university.

It’s a cohort-based platform where world-class talent comes to connect. They’re calling it Stanford for the Internet, aiming to rebuild education and give you an insane network of leaders, builders, and creators.

Simply explore their website, and you’ll find yourself stunned at some of their past fellows (you’ll probably recognize quite a bit if you hang around tech twitter).

Currently they have 17 fellowship programs, ranging from how to start a company, become a successful angel investor, how to build, create, and sooo on.

Here’s their newest program dedicated to ambitious young tech people.

On Deck’s Catalyst program is here to help solidify your position in tech and explain how the tech industry really works (tea, tea, and more tea from folks who’s been there, done that.)

This program is for you if you’re:

  • ambitious

  • want to take the unconventional approach to life

  • want to surround yourself with equally inspiring people.

  • meet people, get connection, get help and direction on how to go about tech/startups

Apply to On Deck Catalyst

Our honest thoughts regarding On Deck?

Okay, tea time (keep this between you and us): we love ‘em so much we tried applying for internships there—didn’t make it—but it’s okay 😳 They evidently like us enough to sponsor today’s newsletter ahaaa.

So anyway, we attended one of their (online, super Covid-safe) after-parties from an On Deck Q&A session to learn more about Catalyst. We were smack-dabbed convinced.

Those that showed signs of interest in joining the cohort were some of the most ambitious and interesting people we’ve met in one single room. If we were not convinced about their offerings before, we believe in it now.

It’s one of the most connected (network/spiritually, however you want to interpret it) communities we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a fair share of communities.

The power of strong community and great education—it really be Stanford on the Internet. No cap.

Apply to On Deck Catalyst

YOU MADE IT. Go you! Clubhouse invites, here we come.

Thank you to everyone who’s been filling out the surveys!!  This week we have 35 more Clubhouse invites to raffle. Fill out this quick survey about the Tech Pod newsletter for a chance to win!

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