Basic Tech Terms You Should Already Know


When an interviewer mentions a tech word you’ve never heard of:

Let’s talk Silicon Valley. For those who look like that^ in an interview 😭 Lol, don’t tell anyone that was us in our first interviews. We don’t wanna relive it. *shudders*

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These words are thrown in the tech world on the REGULAR, friends. To make this an interesting read (cuz it might not be? LOL) we’re gonna sprinkle some freshly posted jobs in 😗

API (Application Programming Interface)💻

Think of it as a telephone and translator. It enables different programs and systems to communicate and pass information off to one another, even if they are written in different coding languages.

In simple words:

You are at a restaurant looking at the menu and tell the waiter your order. Your waiter then enters the kitchen and passes your order over to the chefs, who will then deliver the order you asked for.

In this case, the menu is the documentation that tells you what you can tell the waiter, who represents the API. The kitchen is the data server and will return whatever the waiter tells them.

Job: IBM - Business/Marketing Analyst Intern

Support the operations team with data analysis, design, user training and support.

Job: Salesforce - Solution Engineer Intern

Use your technical and business skills to assist in the pre-sales stage of the sales process.


This is a term used to describe technologies capable of storing data on a server (databases) that isn’t physically linked to your computer, but on a separate server that is accessible via a network and the internet.

These cloud technologies allow us to connect, create, and share information with any device just via a browser and internet connection. Lol, still reading? Are ya there? 😪

In simple words:

Imagine you are using UberEats to order a pizza from a restaurant. You can still receive the Pizza even though you are located 25 minutes away from the restaurant. In this example, UberEats acts as a cloud application that allows you to fetch and give information to the restaurant.

Job: DocuSign - Program Manager Intern

Work across multiple product teams to help develop roadmap, go-to-market strategy, and project plan.

Job: Adobe - Accessibility Product Manager

Develop resources to support Adobe’s product teams in implementing accessibility features.

Job: Square - Business Development Representative

Source business deals and manage a sales pipeline for Square’s sales team.

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Stack 🥞

Okay, so it’s not exactly pancakes. You may have also heard this term represented as “techstack.” A technology stack is a combination of programming frameworks, tools, and languages used to develop a web or mobile application.

Okay, watch out. This is gonna hurt. *sucks in breath*:

Within the techstack, there are two main parts: client-side (frontend) and server-side (backend). Common technologies in the frontend include HTML (the markup language), CSS (the stylesheet), and Javascript (the scripting language).

On the other hand, the backend has a wider diversity of potential languages such as SQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, and PHP.

In simple words:

Think of the techstack as the topping pancakes on top of pancakes - with each layer adding more structure and integrity to the pancakes.

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