Google is hiring interns!

Before you apply, make sure to prep by hearing from current Google BOLD Interns.

The Google “Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development” (BOLD) internship is for people interested in pursuing business careers in the technology industry. A few Google teams that interns have joined in the past (see the full list of teams BOLD interns can join):

💪 Sales, Services and Support

💪 Marketing and Communications

💪 People Operations

💪 gTech

💪 Finance

🗓️ In love with Google? Interested in these teams? Join us on October 8th @ 5 PM PDT/8PM EDT to learn some dazzling things about these teams and the Google BOLD internship!


This will be a truly demystifying session thanks to the combined knowledge 4 current Google BOLD interns

🎙️ Anthony Altamirno - Sales Intern @ Google

🎙️ Pedro Jose Castro - gTech Intern @ Google

🎙️ Andrew Hourigan - Finance Intern @ Google

🎙️ Matthew To - People Operations Intern @ Google


☕ You will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a coffee chat with a panelist

🙆 You will get some fancy resources to land a business internship in tech this upcoming recruitment season

Register for “Demystifying the Google BOLD Internship”:


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