Looking for PMs for a 9-week project 📣

The best thing that has happened to Product Management since cracking the PM interview.

Here at Tech Pod, we’re all about non-traditional backgrounds breaking into tech.

This week, we came across some super-valuable resources for you if you’re looking to break into product management from a non-traditional path!

Our friends over at Co.Lab interviewed folks from Google, Facebook, Shopify, and more to learn about their struggles, wins, and actionable tips that landed them their first role in tech.

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BUT just like getting any job, you’ll need experience first.

We found y’all the perfect opportunity that will let you be a Product Manager and lead a REAL cross-functional team under the guidance of PM mentors at Amazon, Microsoft, HBO Max, and more.

Meet Co.Lab - the BEST program that gives you the practical and collaborative experience you need to land your dream role in tech — plus a shiny new job description on your resume 😉

This part-time, remote-friendly program groups enthusiastic product managers, product designers, and software developers together to turn an idea into a finished product in 9 weeks under the mentorship of industry leaders and instructors.

TLDR, it's dope, apply here

No more time-wasting with webinars on product management theories 🙄 (and yes - this is speaking from personal experience).

Instead, join Co.Lab to gain experience that ACTUALLY prepares you for the workplace. You’ll leave with the skills that hiring managers look for in PM candidates.

Here are all the fun things you’ll get to do:

  • Ship real products that solve customer pain points (some project ideas here: https://www.joincolab.io/projects).

  • Apply agile product management practices to real projects.

  • Get mentorship from PMs at Microsoft, Amazon, and more.

  • Accountability from your team and the rest of the community.

  • Get the experience you need to land a PM job.

(DID YOU KNOW: Co.Lab alumni now work at companies like Microsoft, Twilio, and General Motors 👀)

This Co.Lab alum : Read Ava's story here.

Sounds Interesting?

Apply for the upcoming cohort as a product manager! 

Apply to Co.Lab as a Product Manager

Applications due: Wednesday April 14 at 11:59PM EST (Yes, in TWO days, you read that right!)

Program Dates: April 17 - June 19

Co.Lab has generously offered $200 OFF exclusively to Tech Pod community members. On the application, be sure to answer “How did you hear about us?” with “Other” and then write-in Tech Pod :)

This issue of the Tech Pod newsletter was sponsored by Co.Lab.