Networking sucks.

But... Clubhouse invites inside.

Hi guys,

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So… Today we’re discussing the most effective way to get a job in tech:

Networking 😬

We hate to say it, but if you want a tech job in this day and age, networking is what you wish you had mastered. Ask anybody in tech.

  • Chances are, they got [referrals/tips/resources] from someone in their network. You’re gonna want that when you apply.

And you want to know the #1 reason it sucks? People don’t know how to do it right.

Are there people in top companies you really want a coffee chat with but freaking out on how to reach out?

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Network before you apply! 😉


Business Operations & Strategy Associate @ Coinbase

Marketing Analytics Specialists @ Intel

Business Development Representative @ PagerDuty

Financial Analyst @ ServiceNow


Business Analyst Intern @ Cisco

HR Compensation Intern @ Snowflake

Performance Marketing Associate Intern @ Uber

Business Development Intern @ DocuSign

Okay, so you networked and scheduled a coffee chat. Now what? 🙄

A good conversation can make or break the connection you have with people. After you attended the networking event we're hosting, here’s how to have a good coffee chat.

Here's how to have a great coffee chat:

  1. Start with your mindset. “Networking” sucks, but making friends isn’t 🤗

    • Notice the shift in thinking. Everything that is required of networking is the same as friend-making—’cuz you are! Be sincere, genuine, and build rapport.

    • Be mindful. People can feel it when you're talking to them solely for your career advancement—it’s not a good feeling knowing their only value is seen based on what they can offer you.

    • Don’t just look at what they do for a living, but see who they are as a person. Be curious. Ask questions. Care. Our favorite question starter: “what’s something you’ve been working on that totally excites you?”

  2. Time is of the essence ⏳

    • Be super respectful with their time.

    • If you’re having a fantastic conversation with someone but you guys hit the time limit, ask whether they are free to continue, or set up a call for next time.

  3. But how to achieve that level of flow in a conversation? 🤔

    • [Start the conversation with great, vibrant energy] It’s absolutely contagious.

    • [Laughter is key!] People won’t remember what you say, but how you make them feel. So make them feel delighted and heard. How, you ask?

    • [Listen with acceptance] Make your conversation a safe environment for people to share about themselves. Being vulnerable in the first call can be a good sign of trust. But in order to get to this state of flow…

    • [Lead the conversation] Figure out the goal of the meeting, and strategically map your way there. Also, ask questions to find common ground. This helps you navigate against the silence and awkwardness.

    • [Don’t be afraid to show your true personality] Relax! No one’s perfect —except Tech Pod, we’re just so…unimaginably cool🥴. Seriously, the bar is pretty low, guys.

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