Non-technical Internships in Tech: Business Development Edition

A Q&A panel of Business Development interns from Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon!

Hey Tech Pod fam!

The way we do everything is changing. Business is no exception. It's more crucial than ever for tech companies to have a game plan that will leave a lasting impact on sales performance.

Who's leading the change, you ask?

Why, Business Development interns of course.

⛵ Event deets ahoy

Join Tech Pod on September 12th @ 1PM PDT and gain some insight on how you can grow and maintain tech businesses as a Business Development Intern.

We'll once again be bringing on 3 wonderful panelists with amazing breaking into tech stories.

🎙️ Colin Snyder

Business Development Intern @ Microsoft

🎙️ Molly Delaney

Business Development Intern @ Salesforce

🎙️ Caitlin Ju

Partner Development Intern @ Amazon

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☕ You will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a coffee chat with a panelist

🙆 You will get some fancy resources to land a business internship in tech this upcoming recruitment season

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