The rumors are true. Tech Pod is ending.

We're sorry you had to find out this way.

Just kidding. Happy Late April Fools!

But, now that we have you here - Welcome back to the Pod!

For those of us in school, the spring semester is accelerating to an end. And with that, the nerves around summer internships are high. 

But, take a deep breath — we are here to help. 🙂 

Continue reading for exciting internship opportunities with top tech companies this summer (psst--as a Tech Pod member you already have an advantage!) 😏

Alright, so how do you currently look for internships?

Well, you probably go on Google and type in keywords such as “internship” or a role that you are interested in like “product marketing”.

Then VIOLA! A bunch of opportunities come through your search. But have you ever wondered, how Google decides which internships to show to you?

That’s where SEO comes in - our Thursday Tech Term of this week!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of adjusting websites so they have a better chance of showing up on a Google search. Companies hire SEO experts to ensure their online content successfully gets to the audiences that are searching for it.

Here’s an analogy to help you better understand how it works:

Imagine a library filled with millions of books. 

Because of the massive size of the library, people rely on its librarian to help them locate the books they are searching for. At request, the librarian locates and offers a selection of books to customers.

Books that the librarian deems relevant, high-quality, and well-received are most likely to be suggested.

Someone optimizing SEO is working to make their book, or website, stand out and be understood by the librarian (search engine) so she is more likely to offer it to her guests.

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing and is in high demand in tech.

And lucky for us—there are dozens of low-cost ways of gaining these skills online.

🤓  Such as Google's (free!) Analytics Academy & Linkedin's Learning Platform

Congrats folks, you made it to the end!

As your reward, this library cat will be handing you it’s a catalog of freshly posted business in tech internships and jobs!


Marketing Intern @ The Final Round Podcast - a podcast that interviews recruiters at top tech companies (More info on them here!)

Social Media Intern @ Poshmark

Hulu Originals Social Media & Publicity Intern @ Disney


A+E Studios Production Finance Intern @ A+E Networks

Finance Intern - Universal Brand Dept. @ NBCUniversal

Finance Rotation Trainee @ Sony Music


People Experience Operations Intern @ Zoom

Human Resources Intern @ Chewy

Human Resources Intern @ A+E Networks


Sales Solutions Intern @ SAP

Sales Intern - Bay Area @ NBCUniversal

Inside Sales Intern @ Sprinklr


Product Management Intern @ Relativity

Product Management Intern @ Equinix

Product Management Intern @ Box

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