Tiktok is hiring HR interns

So we're explaining to you what HR is.

Here’s the TikTok application—better dance your way into that interview 🥴

Tiktok Internship

So the other day, we received this email:

Chelsia, Chelsia, Chelsia…

You think just because you request something related to Tech Pod by replying to our emails, you simply GET what you ask for?

Chelsia, we’re granting your wish today.

We’ll admit. We haven’t exactly featured an HR panel. Yet.

It’s in the works, but we have to prioritize what people are asking for. So, if you’re interested in an HR event, DO respond to this email and let us know.

In the meanwhile, we did set up a workshop with Facebook Recruiter Niki Woodall for you guys. Happening tonight! (Thursday, Feb 18th)

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Let’s explore Human Resources (HR)

(A representation of what HR looks probably looks like pre-covid times lol).

Training and Development

This area is responsible for the organization's staff training requirements, programs, and career development needs. They plan and administer training seminars and manage conflict resolution and team building.

Example: Cisco and Salesforce really care about team-bonding and career and growth development for their employees.

Current Job Posting: HR Intern @ Netapp (Can be placed in any team in HR!)

Diversity in Human Resources

This HR area works to create a work environment filled with diverse individuals coming from different backgrounds and different walks of life.

Example:  Roles like Chief Diversity Officer or Chief People Officer typically deal with work ranges from employee experiences, workplace issues, and diversity in the workplace.

Current Job Posting: HR Intern @ Rivian, Diversity Intern @ Apple

Benefits & Compensation

To get the best talent, companies must offer great perks and advantages; therefore, we have people who create benefits packages for employees like health, discounts, etc.

Example: Imagine working for Disney and getting free Disney theme park passes 😮(Note: after 2 weeks of employment — these types of info matter in these roles!)

NEW Job Posting: Compensation Intern @ Adobe, Compensation @ SnowFlake

Branches of Recruiting

[click the link above 👆 to read about the 7 HR Management basics HR professionals should know]

1. University Relations

Focused on finding the most passionate and talented students currently attending universities. Recruiters represent their company by holding events, attend job fairs, or arranging in-person interviews.

Example: Our fellowship program manager, Sarena Tseng, is actually a university recruiter hehe.

Job Posting: Apple University Relations Intern, Twitch New Grad (Contract)

2. Sourcer / Talent Scout / Headhunter / Executive Recruiter

These people locate top talent in the field, even if these potential candidates already have a job or didn’t apply for the position at all. Typically, these recruiting roles are reserved for finding people in niche and hard-to-fill positions.

Example: If your background is strong and highly specialized, they will try to convert you over to the company that needs you. (Tech Pod newsletter person got scouted to write this🤪)

Job Posting: Talent Development @ Adobe, Talent Scout Intern @ Adobe

3. Technical Recruiter

These recruiters look for those skilled in technical careers like hardware engineering, software engineering, design, etc. For this role, you want to have a good understanding of tech to assess candidates.

Example: Candidate X is skilled in cloud computing and has ideal experience with tech. Technical recruiters see relevant skills in X and try to recruit them.

Job Posting: Technical Recruiter Intern @ TEKsystems,

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