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🎙 Announcer: Welcome to the Tech Pod Tour. Today we’ll be seeing 5 different marketing types, featuring examples AND job postings so that you can find what’s out there in the wild world of tech. Let’s begin.

Growth Marketing

Description: Common in startups, your focus is to grow the size of usage/awareness and expand market share. This requires high-level strategic thinking and a data-driven mindset. For fun, think of it more as… growth hacking. 😏

Example: In one day, we gained hundreds of subscribers through ONE TikTok video.

Current Job Posting: GM Internship @ Ticket DM, Growth Marketing @ Done

Content Marketing

Description: You're essentially producing content that will lead the target audience to your company, either through blogs, newsletter (like this one! Lolz), social media channels, and so on.

Example: Try Googling/Bing search Tech Pod and see which where we rank 😜

Current Job Posting: Internship @ WarnerMedia, Full-Time @ Zappos

Email Marketing

Description: Focusing your effort on email content, opening, and click-through rate. It does go under the spectrum of content marketing, but definitely an existing niche. You’ll most likely find email marketing tucked under a “writer” role.

Example: Heh, you’re experiencing it right now if you’re reading this 😉😁

Current Job Posting: Internship @ Yondo, Full-Time @ Morning Brew

Product Marketing Management (PMM)

Description: Product Marketing Alliance described it as the overall driving force behind getting the products to the market - and keeping them there.

We know that’s hardly descriptive, so check out our PMM event with students who worked in Product Marketing Management @ Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google. 😗

Current Job Posting: Internship @ Vidora, Full-Time @ Nike

Digital Marketing

Description 📊: If you love working with data and content creation - this is for you. You’d handle paid ads, search engine optimization (trying to rank #1 on Google), social media management, even email!

Example: Tech Pod data says you’re interested in tech roles, so every single day, we feature a job on our Instagram. 🤩

Current Job Posting: Internship @ Corsair, Internship @ ThermoFisher

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P.S. We’re hosting “How to Land Job Offers Without Applying Online” with Account Executive @ Oracle if you’re interested in landing the marketing roles we featured above! (Thursday, Jan 28th, 5pm PT)