You don't need a CS major to get into big tech.

How 3 interns got internships at Amazon, LinkedIn, and Adobe with non-technical backgrounds

Don’t make the mistake that most non-CS students make.

Most non-technical students don’t bother applying to the top tech companies because they think you need a degree in Computer Science or know how to code.

But that’s just not true.

That’s why we invited 3 students who did just that: broke into Amazon, LinkedIn, and Adobe without technical degrees, as Sales interns!


Enjoy connecting consumers with innovative tech products? Identifying how customers can benefit from the product? Be the core driver of the business and revenue growth?

Then tech sales could be the right career for you!

Join us and our 3 amazing panelists this Sunday, September 20th @ 1PM PDT/ 4PM EDT!

🎙️ Erica Jones - Global Sales Intern @ Linkedin

🎙️ Samuel Singer - AWS Sales Intern @ Amazon

🎙️ Lizzy Giap - Sales Development Rep Intern @ Adobe


☕ You will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a coffee chat with a panelist

🙆 You will get some fancy resources to land a business internship in tech this upcoming recruitment season

Learn how you can get a big tech internship at the event this Sunday. Register here: