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The secret is actually simple

Hello Tech Pod! 🐋 💦

Whew, It’s finals season. Great job hanging in there, and thanks for being here. 🙂

This week, we will be talking about how reading and listening to podcasts upgrade your life.

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Alright, let’s get into it! 🕺

We’ve all heard it before:

“You become who you surround yourself with, so choose wisely.”

Well…I’m still waiting to hear back from Barack and Michelle Obama 🙃 maybe they’re just too busy this weekend for my dinner party, 🤔 totally understandable. I know they’re busy… I’ll just hit them up again next week. 🥲

Even though it isn’t likely you’ll be able to surround yourself with the high-profile people that inspire you, (But hey—our networking tips + a bit of luck ✨ might get you there! 😉 ) here are 2 simple yet powerful actions you can make today that will give you similar results.

  1. Read and Listen to Those You Admire:

    Consider seeing reading as a tool to upgrade your mind. You can bring brilliant and accomplished people into your inner circle by reading/listening to their content. We have access to the thoughts and experiences of brilliant minds and highly accomplished people through books, take advantage of it!

    We often assume we need to network to learn about a career path, but we can fail to realize that many people in the positions we are interested in have already publicly shared their experience through books!

    Such as the book, Swipe To Unlock written collaboratively by 3 PMs @ Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. It has been reviewed as, “a must-read for anyone pursuing product management, design, marketing, consulting or business strategy roles in the tech industry.”

    • Plus: If you do manage to meet with the author or someone in a similar position, having read their book will push the quality of your conversations to new heights. You will be able shift from generic questions to rich and specific ones about the content in the book. 

    1. Listen and Read what they recommend: Same idea here, but instead find what books written by others have inspired them. Then *surprise* read them. Yes, it’s simple and maybe a tad obvious—but creating a habit of “surrounding” yourself with great people through books will prove to be a powerful tool to accomplishing your unique goals.

      + (Just throwing it out there) There is a new social media site, Faves, designed to help you do just this.
      Faves’ content has been curated by experts and creators and is… *chef’s kiss* quality. 🤌
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    + Tech Pod Bonus: What We’ve Been Reading 🧘‍♀️

    Our Website Copywriter, Annie Trieu is reading: Quiet by Susan Cain “Reading the book has made me feel empowered as an introvert myself. It has helped me to navigate big crowds as an introvert and learned how to love that part of me.”

    Our Video Producer, Ingrid Reyes is reading: Atomic Habits by James ClearIt sounds dramatic, but this book sort of changed my life. It’s not a hardcore book that tells you “wake up at 7 am, go for a run, read a book and go to sleep at 8 pm”, but rather highlights how different habits work for different personalities. This book helped me realize the importance of making habits that will lead to becoming the person I want to be.”

Now, How About Some Internships?


Product Management Intern, JLL

Product Manager Intern, SAP

Product Research Intern, SurveyMonkey


Marketing Operations Intern, Roblox

Marketing Operations Intern, Sprinklr

Brand Strategy Intern, IZEA


Business Development Intern, Talkspace

Brand Partnerships Intern, Roblox

Strategic Partnerships Intern, Okta, Inc.


University Relations Intern, Zynga

Recruiting Intern, Dolby Laboratories

Culture & Talent Communications Intern, Sprinklr


Global Services Intern, Zoom

Customer Success Intern, Braze

Communications Intern, NASA